i-2-M- Cera-Dur

i-2-M- Cera-Dur

Membrane separation systems based on I-2-M Cera-Dur

(hollow fibre ceramic membranes)

Innow LLC in association with i2M (a MAN-MUMMEL Group Company) offers high quality separation solutions using Cera-Dur hollow fiber ceramic membrane systems. These UF/MF systems separate highly aggressive solid, chemical and oily contamination from industrial wastewater and produced water.


Designed on In-Out configuration, Cera-Dur membranes are available in pore size cut-offs varying from 130 nm to 30 nm & offer wide spectrum filtration covering microfiltration and ultra-filtration. These membranes based on proprietary design provide best in class chemical & mechanical resistance and offer benefits of low operation cost, low fouling risks & low adhesion potential for high quantity of suspended solids.


Innow systems on Crea-Dur modules can treat feed water of following feed characteristics ensuring consistent operation on stable flux and high-quality permeate. The skids are designed with unique backwash strategy to remove the fouling layers and extend the operating life of the modules.

Feed Water Limits
TSS 100,000 ppm
COD 20,000 ppm
Oil 5000 ppm

Cera-Dur modules provide distinct advantage of compatibility with wide range of chemicals at higher temperature. The lumen size of each module is constructed to enable easy cleaning without much cleaning chemicals.

Operatings Parameters
Flow Type In-Out
Filtration Cross-Flow
Flux rate ( Operational ) 50-100 LMH
Cross Flow Volecity ( CFV ) + 1-3 m/s
Operating TMP + Max 2.0 bar
Operating Temperature Max 80°C
Operating Pressure Max 3.0 bar
Back Wash Pressure Max 3.5 bar
pH Conditions

2-12 at 40°C

2-10 at 80°C

Advantage Cera Dur

Parameters Polymar Membranes

Multi Chanel 

Ceramic Membranes

Cera-Dur 5.5
Pore size distribution Moderate Moderate Excellent
Fouling Behaviour High Moderate low
Stable flux performance (Feed water with high solids) 20-30 L/m2/h 40-60 L/m2/h 50-100 L/m2/h
Chemical resistance (Chlorine, Strong acid, Base)  Very Low High  High
Cleaning cycle / costs High Moderate Low
Water usage for back wash High High  
Operating Temperature range 30-400C 70-800C 70-800C
Adhesion potential for organic molecules High Moderate Low
Membrane costs Low High Moderate