Ep Purification

Ep Purification

What is EP Purification

EP Purification manufactures novel and environmentally-sound systems for the purification of water and Air. Based on microcavity plasma technology developed at the University of Illinois, EP Purification systems are the result of more than a decade of research and engineering, and are protected by more than 70 U.S. and international patents.


Innow LLC in association with EP Purification, USA, offers customized solutions for Water and Air disinfection by advanced Ozonation Technology.

Operating Principle – Micro Plasma Ozone Technology

Micro Plasma

  • Low Temperature Plasma
  • Scale of few microns to sub-mm-Microfabricated structure
  • Energy Efficient Excitation of Any Gas Species or Molecules
  • Compact, Modular Configuration of Micro Plasma Chips (Massively Parallel Ozone Product)


  • Strongest Disinfectant,Cleaning Agent Available Commercially
  • Effective Dissociation of Organic Compounds (Cleaning)
  • Strong Deodoration and Decoloration




Ambient Air Feed, Versatile Micro Plasma Ozone Generator

  • Light Weight (700 grams) and Portable
  • Stable Ozone Production of 0.3 grams/hr (with Single Micro Plasma Chip)
  • Miniature Air Compressor Built-In
  • Low Power Consumption (~ 15 W)
  • DC 12 V Power Feed and Solar Panel Compatible
  • Option of Digital Timer and External Sensors Interface (1003, 1001s)
  • Ideal for Air Feed Application and Small-Scale Point of Use Applications- MP SERIES 3-100 Grams/Hr
  •  Oxygen/Air Feed Micro Plasma Ozone Generator
  •  Oxygen (> 90%) or Optional Air Feed Model  
  • Modular Ozone Generator Construction and Economic Maintenance
  • Ozone Production is proportional to the Number of Micro Plasma Modules 
  • Telemetry
  •  Auto Shutdown
  • Optional External ORP Sensor Connectivity




    MP SERIES MP5 Single Module, 5 g/hr
MP10 Dual Modules,10 g/hr
MP20 Four Modules, 20 g/hr
MP30 Six Modules, 30 g/hr
MP50 Ten Modules, 50 g/hr
MP100 Eighteen Modules, 100 g/hr


  • Optional External Sensor Connectivity (Ozone or ORP sensor) and Auto-tuning’
  • Touch Screen Monitor/ Controller
  • Automatic Shut-down
  • Built-in Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Ozone Leak Gas Flow, Over-current, Optional 02 Purity, Optional 03 Pressure Monitoring
  • Computer/Web-base Interface
  • Optional PLC Interface