Corporate Information

  • Multi-disc Roller Separator (KDS Separator): design, production, sales and marketing, and maintenance
  • Wastewater treatment processing system (Clean Saver): design, production, sales and marketing
  • Other industrial automated machinery: design, production, sales and marketing, maintenance, and installation


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A solid-liquid mixtures is poured into the upper section of the machine and the movement of contiguously placed oval plates separates the solids from the liquids. Additionally, through the continuous rotation of multiple oval plates between the slits, the separated solid is transferred while the innovative design prevents the slits from clogging.



Message from President

“Products friendly towards Man and Mother Earth.”

The deterioration of the global environment, brought about by pollution and deforestation, is the cause of many serious problems in the 21st Century. More and more, it has become the wish of mankind to improve the environment. In response to this wish, Kendensha and its original development division has endeavored to invent products with an emphasis on safety and a positive environmental impact. Since Kendensha’s establishment in 1958, it continues day after day to create original ideas and technologies that have evolved into “products friendly towards Earth and humanity.”