CapDi – Membrane Capacitive Deionization

Innow LLC in association with Voltea BV, Netherland, offers customized solutions for softening and deionization of water by advanced Membrane Capacitive Deionsaition.


CapDI® is Voltea’s patented Membrane Capacitive Deionization technology. It is a tunable water deionization technology that is designed to remove total dissolved salts (TDS) from a variety of water sources ranging from tap water and brackish groundwater to industrial process water. CapDI® achieves this at a lower economic cost and reduced environmental impact than any other available technology in the market.


CapDI® can operate at temperatures ranging from 5-60°C (40-140°F), on challenging higher turbidity feed waters, with minimal operator intervention. This technology is environmentally friendly by its low energy consumption and minimal to no chemical usage. It removes salts (ions) from the feed water by applying an electrical potential difference between two electrodes covered with selective ion exchange membranes. Electrodes are separated from each other by a mesh spacer, whereby water flows and the ions are removed from the feed water, called Purification Step (Figure 1). These removed ions are temporarily stored in the electrical double layers formed at the electrode surface. When the electrodes become saturated with ions, they are regenerated by reversing the applied voltage and/or short circuiting called Regeneration Step (Figure 1). After the ions are released from the electrodes, a concentrate stream is produced and captured ions are flushed from the module. It is important to note that ions are removed through membranes and water molecules stay

CapDI advantages